Celebrating 20 Years in 2023!



NEW July 1, 2024 - We have changed the EMF Upper Ball Joint internal design in the 2013.5-2023!

Why are we changing the upper ball joint?  We love our current design, however, if the installer doesn't follow the instructions and doesn't pay attention to the knuckle being stiff or not - it creates steering issues and pre-wear to the internal components of the joints due to the Mopar knuckle misalignment problems right from factory.  We don't want that!  Because then customers blame the joint instead of install incompetence.  

So we came up with the best and toughest simple solution.  We still make and resell the original upper ball joint solid internals, but only by request and only to people who understand about Ram's machining issues and how they overcome them with our stiff pins, as they are heavier duty.

The beauty about our new proprietary composite upper ball joint is that it auomatically protects the lower ball joint from wear by alleviating the side load to the lower ball joint, which we have kept the same design and won't be changing that one.  A long life design built for gravel road poundings and smooth highway driving.

6821-7460S-KIT is now 6821-7460A-KIT