Celebrating 20 Years in 2023!



Hello customers!  Today on this episode of "When will you have more products in stock"... I discuss some updates with you in regards to what's going on in the shop!

Lets start from the beginning... we aren't a huge shop.  We started in 2003 and are still going strong 18 years later.  We have outgrown the shop we are in... but we continue working from here because we love being out in the heart of Farming Communities in Alberta.  Plus the taxes in the cities are too damn high and we own this building so why pay someone else's mortgage?

Anyhow, our team currently exists of 5 full time employees and 2 part time employees.  Not gonna lie... the workload we see these days is very overwhelming with such a small team.  We try our best and are always trying to figure out easier ways for our customers to get info without having to call.  Because lets be brutally honest here... every call we take puts us that further behind machining parts so we can have stock for you fine folks out there.

Ok so down to the nitty gritty about the stock status... it may seem like we are always out of stock on Ball Joints.. the truth is that we can't manufacture fast enough.  We physically cannot manufacture more parts than we are doing at this moment working 7 days a week, 18 hours a day with the 3 lathes we have.  We have also acquired more dealers over the last couple years and we try our best to make sure these dealers get access to as many ball joint sets as we can make them.  Our dealers are there for you... to make it easier to order by finding someone close to you that can save you some time getting your hands on a set!  So the first thing to do is always check with our dealers to see what they can do for you because most of them have stock sitting on their shelves waiting for new homes.  EMF BALL JOINT DEALER MAP

Now... update as of today, we have shipped out everything we possibly could make to our dealers ... so please check with them for a set first.  I know there are those die hards who would still rather order from us and that is totally fine!  You are always welcome to order from us!  I try to update stock on the website as much as I can so you know what we have.  If I can make a complete set... I will, I promise!

One last note before I go... I know these covid days are hard on everyone.  It's stressful, frustrating, lonely, depressing and making introverts of us all.  If there's anything I can pass on from this message it's this... please be kind.  Be kind to the ones you're talking to on the phone, be kind to your family members, be kind to the waitresses or waiters, be kind to the person you are passing on the street or seeing on the bus... we are all stressed out.  Being rude to people isn't helping anyone and a little kindness goes a very long way in making someone feel better about this situation we are all in together.

Thank you for being here for us and supporting our small Canadian business!  


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